Kenya Mission

Kenya Mission Update

On the 18th October Principal Anestascia sent us an e-mail to confirm that the water system is working well at both the school and crèche. They have planted tomatoes in the polytunnel for marketing in January.

Irene has had the plaster cast removed from her leg and is back at school but will have further treatment for the next twelve months.

The fish pond is completed and we are in the process of sourcing the correct fish for this particular project. The Ministry of Agriculture visited the crèche and saw the vegetable plot containing the planted Irish seed potatoes. It was suggested that the plot be extended to grow more vegetables. At the time of reading this article this work should be completed and the roof painted on the 2 buildings at the crèche.

Please continue to pray for the work of the teachers at the school and the crèche and also for Jane, her staff and all the elderly at Thogoto Home for the Aged.

The Principal and teachers held a day of prayer on Saturday 2nd November to pray for the 17 year 8 pupils who sat their final examinations on the 11th -14th November to try and gain places in Secondary School.